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Campsite for motorcyclists

Le French Time offers a selection of campsites for motorcyclists, in the most beautiful regions of France, offering a warm and friendly welcome to all motorcycle enthusiasts.

From 11 Jun - 18 Jun
From 21 May - 28 May

Campsite for motorcyclists Le French Time

Far from the traffic of the big cities, in the shade of the beautiful forests, you will be in a motorcyclist’s paradise riding up and down the winding roads. Numerous motorcycle rides are organised, so you can explore the wonders of the region with other fellow motorcyclists. You no longer need to compromise. Opt for a pleasant camping holiday, in a tent or mobile home for added comfort, and come by motorbike. You can combine the peace-and-quiet of camping with the thrills of the road, for an unforgettable holiday centred around your passion. Whether you come with friends or as a family, come and see for yourself the charms of a campsite for motorcyclists and meet some passionate fellow bikers, take home some superb memories, on and off your motorbike.

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