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Last-minute camping: rentals available

The holiday season is upon us, or almost over and you still haven’t booked your holiday! Do you feel like booking a last-minute holiday? A camping holiday is the perfect compromise to enjoy your time…

Your last-minute booking: set off on an adventure!

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Who has never thought of just packing the suitcases and going on holiday there and then? The possibility of adventure, thrills of discovery... Booking a last minute camping holiday is the best way to satisfy your needs without breaking the bank. From one day to the next, set off and get a much-needed breath of fresh air to relax and unwind!

A camping holiday is a very personal affair. Some campers are extremely well-equipped: tent, ergonomically-designed backpack, emergency tent pegs, filled water bottles or even rope... Others have a more simple view of camping and prefer to enjoy instant relaxation by renting a fully-equipped mobile home or cottage. So the advantage of a camping holiday is that everyone can decide on the type of experience they want!

Your last-minute camping holiday, anywhere in France

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Whether you are looking to stay by the sea, for a hiking holiday in the mountains, nature retreat in the countryside on the shores of a lake... don’t wait any longer, book your last-minute holiday today. Le French Time campsites are dotted all over France and are a perfect base for discovering heritage sites, traditions and panoramic views in the most beautiful regions of France.

The seaside campsites are often quickly booked up in the summer season, so why not try out a different place, in the middle of nowhere, far from the crowds of the popular tourist destinations. You are free to organise your holiday as you please and decide to be spontaneous and book a last minute relaxing holiday, with family or friends. 

Look no further and come and browse our offers for an adventure on a Le French Time campsite!

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