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Camping accommodation for persons with reduced mobility


Camping is an art of holidaying that is suitable for the whole family, welcoming and above all, available for everyone. That’s why our campsites all over France offer accommodation which has been especially adapted for people with reduced mobility.

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Where can we find the campsites with accommodation suitable for people with reduced mobility?

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Holidays are for everyone, regardless of appearances, or disabilities. So wherever you feel like going, to the seaside, mountains or the middle of the countryside, we offer a wide selection of accommodation especially designed for people with reduced mobility. We have thought of everything to make your life easier: access ramps, layout of rooms and furniture, corridors and wide door openings, adapted for wheelchairs. The bathrooms in this accommodation have been designed so that you can enjoy your holiday and forget the stress of daily life in magnificent surroundings. We can also offer mobile homes, chalets or unusual accommodation, all suitable for people with reduced mobility. Contact us for more information.

People with reduced mobility, browse our offers to find the right accommodation for you

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For a stress-free camping holiday, we offer you the possibility to book your accommodation for people with reduced mobility on a luxurious campsite. All accommodation on our campsites is accessible, modern and natural, and located near campsite amenities, restaurants, swimming pools or the reception. Some campsites also offer special facilities for people with reduced mobility, such as swimming pools with special access ramps.

Accommodation for people with reduced mobility is readily available on our campsites but it is very quickly snapped up. Remember to plan your trip in advance and come and explore the most beautiful regions of France with friends or family.

A campsite with accommodation suitable for people with reduced mobility, and so much more!

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As well as accommodation for people with reduced mobility, the teams on our campsites will be able to advise you in every aspect of your holiday: day trips to cities, cultural visits, sports activities, etc. Just ask us, we will find the answer and advise you as best we can. People with a disability or reduced mobility will finally get the relaxation they deserve on holiday on a campsite in the countryside. We adapt to all of our guests: accompanying parties will also be able to enjoy all the facilities on our luxurious campsites.

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