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Campsite Auvergne

At the heart of the Massif Central, the Region of Auvergne has the most perfect wide open spaces, ideal for nature lovers. There is a whole host of sports or cultural activities on offer here, thanks…

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Auvergne is a lush-green land of dormant volcanoes, mountain pastures, lakes and water sources, offering the most superb of landscapes for those passing through.

Even though the volcanoes are the true stars of the natural environment in Auvergne, the region boasts some truly outstanding wildlife. Along with Lorraine, Auvergne is the only region in France where maritime plants grow inland. Carnivorous plants particularly thrive on the moors. Butterwort and drosera feed on insects to compensate for the lack of nutritious elements in the barren land.

Along the Allier river, if you’re patient enough you may even see beavers and otters. The Auvergne is one of the rare regions where we can still catch a glimpse of these animals.

Stay on a campsite in Auvergne, a region with something to satisfy the whole family.

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