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Campsite Gers

Come and spend your camping holiday in the Gers and discover the beauty of the South-West of France, at the heart of an authentic natural environment. Le French Time offers a selection of the most…

In the Gers, the natural environment is a priority

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With a river crossing the whole area, the Gers is a department in France that has managed to preserve the authentic natural environment. This is a land of culture and local expertise and the incredible wildlife of this region has been attracting visitors for thousands of years.
Come and spend your holiday in the French countryside, on a charming campsite, just a stone’s throw from preserved natural sites just waiting to be explored. Wander around Lauze Valley and over the surrounding hills, classified as a Natura 2000 site, with a remarkable colourful biodiversity.

A camping holiday in Gers to journey back in time

Take the opportunity while you’re on a family camping holiday in Gers, to learn about the local history. Walk in the footsteps of Muskateer D’Artagnan in Auch, or cross over the Artigue bridge, built by the Romans over 800 years ago. Learn all about the Middle Ages and the powerful war machines of the era in the fortified town of Larressingle and the Medieval military camp.
While camping in Gers, you can walk along the trails of Santiago de Compostela in Montréal, Nogaro, Aire-Sur-l'Adour... In every village you will find impressive collegiate churches, abbeys and cathedrals

Come for an ideal family holiday in the Gers

Choose to stay on a campsite in the Gers for some quality family time, to try out some new sports, learn about local culture and explore the natural surroundings. Explore the many lakes and fishing lakes by bicycle or even on horseback, and stop off for a relaxing swim or to try some water sports. See a whole different side of the Gers while walking along the Baise river.
Take some unforgettable memories home with you, from the walks along the Gers hiking trails or the fabulous local restaurants with Gascogne “floc” liqueur wine, Armagnac and local foie gras.

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