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Our sanitary charter

For your holidays in this particular period, we have implemented a health protocol in order to welcome you in the best conditions and make you enjoy your holidays in complete safety. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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Our health security measures

In order to guarantee your safety and welcome you in the best conditions, our campsites adapt their hygiene and prevention measures. 
Le French Time has drawn up a health protocol in close collaboration with the Fédération Nationale de l'Hôtellerie de Plein Air, in accordance with the current recommendations of the Ministry of Health.
This protocol is implemented in all the campsites Les Castels by Le French Time and Sites et Paysages by Le French Time.

The health charter by Le French Time

For the safety of everyone, our customers and our teams alike, measures have been taken to adapt access to reception areas, services and activities.

The 5 key points:
- Simplification of the arrival and departure procedure to respect distance measures: online deposit, digital information booklet
- Installation of dedicated signage: direction of traffic, floor marking plan and display of good health practices.
- Strengthening of hygiene measures: more frequent cleaning in common areas and increased disinfection in the rental units.
- Provision of hydroalcoholic gel in common spaces
- Awareness by our teams on essential barrier gestures

Services and activities
The swimming pools are open and frequented with respect to distance measures. Restaurants, bars and grocery stores are open and apply the sanitary recommendations in force. Indoor and outdoor areas have been adapted and take-away services are available at many campsites.
The activities and entertainment are adapted to respect the rule of a maximum of 10 people per group or per space. The children's playgrounds are accessible by a limited number of children at the same time. To take advantage of the play areas such as multi-sport ground, ping pong: remember to bring your own equipment!

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Travel conditions in France and Europe

France confirms the opening of its borders at the European level as of 16 June. Travellers will be able to move freely throughout the country, in compliance with the barriers in force. Only travellers coming from Great Britain have to comply with around 14 barriers when entering the country.

Here is the information known country by country on 23/09/2020 :

Germany: free movement of Germans on French territory since 15 June. Certain French regions are classified as risk zones. On returning from a risk zone, all nationals must declare their place of residence and fill in a landing form, carry out a test and place themselves in a car quarantine. From 1st October, quarantine is obligatory on return and a test must be carried out on the 5th day, quarantine is maintained until the test results are available.

Belgium: Since 1 August, travellers returning to Belgium or wishing to stay there have been obliged to fill in a form with contact details and a list of places where they have stayed over the last fortnight. A screening and a fortnight are recommended for people coming from regions classified as orange on the official map. On 16 September, Belgium placed certain French departments in the orange zone, for which increased vigilance is required, with no test or compulsory quarantine on return; others in the red zone, where travel is not authorised and for which a test and quarantine will be imposed on return. It is possible to camp in Creuse without restriction, the only department classified in green.

Spain: opening of the borders on 21 June and free movement between France and Spain.

Italy: border opening since June 3rd. Since 21 September, tests must be carried out by travellers returning from certain French regions.

Netherlands: since 15 June, travel has been permitted in compliance with the barrier and health measures in force in France and the Netherlands. Restrictions apply for departments classified in orange, for which only business and necessary travel is possible, with a 10-day quarantine recommendation on return.

United Kingdom and Ireland: From 15 August, British nationals returning from a stay in France are subject to a quarantine of around 14 days. France has introduced a reciprocity measure. The same applies to Ireland.

Switzerland: Since 15 June, travel is permitted between Switzerland and France. Since 14 September, the return from certain French regions has been subject to a quarantine.

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Le French Time booking service

The website www.lefrenchtime.com is available and open for online bookings.

Our telephone booking centre team is at your disposal to help you choose your destination or for any question relating to your stay. You can also contact us by email at bonjour@lefrenchtime.com or via messenger.

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