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Opt to stay in eco-friendly accommodation during your camping holiday!

Feuille éco-friendly hébergements Sites et Paysages Our eco-friendly symbol guarantees easy access to a responsible, committed tourist experience and a 100% green holiday where you can connect with nature.

Our innovative accommodation offers visitors the chance to experience the delights of slow tourism combined with pleasure, comfort and nature, in accordance with our values.



All available accommodation must meet a specific set of requirements:

  • Preference for natural, organic or recycled materials and products
  • “Cladding” - wood “exterior” or canvas
  • Eco-action reminders and displays
  • Ban on disposable plates and utensils
  • Use of low-energy light bulbs
  • Waste sorting and recycling systems
  • Using water-saving taps
  • WC with water-saving flush system
From 27 Aug - 03 Sep
From 27 Aug - 03 Sep
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