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Camping Grand Est

The Grand Est region is right at the heart of Europe and offers a rich natural and cultural heritage. Our luxurious campsites in the Grand Est await you for a relaxing holiday, surrounded by a lush-green natural environment. Come and discover this dazzling region!  

From 23 Apr - 30 Apr

Stay on a campsite in the countryside in the Grand Est region of France with Le French Time

The Grand Est offers you an incredible diversity of landscapes. Fields, forests, lakes, mountains... this is a region with dazzling beauty and diversity. 

Come and spend your holiday on a campsite in the Vosges mountains and explore the regional natural parks. The Ballon des Vosges Nature Park is spread out as far as the valleys of Lorraine, Alsace and Franche-Comté, offering an absolutely breathtaking view. 

Are you a nature lover? A campsite in the Grand Est region is perfect for you! There are in fact no less than 25 regional nature reserves here. What more could you dream of for a holiday in the great outdoors. 



Culture & Heritage sites: plunge into the History of the Grand Est

The Grand Est region bears the mark of a particularly rich and diverse history. Champagne-Ardenne was formerly the official location for the coronation of the Kings of France. There are a number of remarkable religious buildings here which are classified as world heritage sites by UNESCO. 

Explore the hidden treasures of the city of Strasbourg: the Maison Hammerzell, Church of Saint-Thomas or the Notre-Dame Cathedral.

If you stay on a campsite in Haute-Marne, you can enjoy the thermal springs in towns such as Bourbonne-les-Bains. Soak in the thermal waters and feel the benefits of this rejuvinating bath. 

In Langres, journey back in time as you venture along the famous footpath along the ramparts. Then take a detour through Colombey-les-deux-Eglises, General de Gaulle’s refuge. 

Taste the culinary delights of the Grand Est

In the Grand Est region, we guarantee your meals will be generous and tasty. Food lovers will be in heaven. Here, enjoying the local cuisine is an opportunity to share experiences with loved ones. 

Come and taste the delicious andouillette sausage from Troyes, Bussy meatballs, gingerbread from Reims and quiche lorraine. These famous local specialities are often enjoyed - in moderation - with great wines. 

The Grand Est region is well-known for its prestigious wines and local specialities, there’s something for everyone! 


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