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Stay at an eco-friendly campsite, ecolabel Clef Verte

Le French Time offers a selection of eco-labelled campsites in the most beautiful sites in France, which have obtained the Green Key eco-label or the European Eco-label. Concerned about maintaining this imposing and impressive nature, these campsites act in harmony with nature on a daily basis.

Eco-label camping for eco-responsible holidays

The conservation and protection of France's natural heritage is a real challenge for the owners of Le French Time campsites. That is why they act on a daily basis to preserve this magnificent nature.

Le French Time campsites are committed to the environment in partnership with the Clef Verte eco-label. This label is awarded each year to establishments located in a preserved environment and which encourage more environmentally friendly ecological practices.

Some Le French Time campsites have been awarded the European Ecolabel. As with the Green Key label, these campsites are committed to limiting their water and energy consumption, reducing waste production, promoting renewable resources and, above all, raising customer awareness of the need to protect the environment and nature.

How does an eco-labelled campsite work?

The eco-label guarantees you responsible tourism at campsites that try to limit their environmental impact. Le French Time campsites use environmentally friendly products and equipment that use clean energy. Without ever reducing your comfort, the campsite strives to limit energy and water consumption, reduce waste production and promote renewable energies....
In a swimming pool heated by solar panels, an autonomous energy cabin or a restaurant serving exclusively local products, enjoy a more responsible holiday in an eco-label campsite.

An ecotourism approach on a daily basis at campsites

Every day, Les Castels by Le French Time et Sites et Paysages by Le French Time campsites invest themselves in this eco-responsible and ecotouristic approach. Some concrete actions implemented at Le French Time campsites to preserve nature:

  • Installation of heat pumps for swimming pool heating systems

  • Installation of thermal solar panels for heating sanitary water

  • Installation of light detectors for outdoor lighting

  • Access to selective sorting, compost and waste compaction

  • Use of electric vehicles

  • Elimination of plastic bags at the grocery store in favour of reusable carrier bags

Sites et Paysages goes one step further and commits to a "GREEN FUTURE"

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