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Campsite Toulouse

The pink city awaits you for a holiday entirely devoted to pleasure and relaxation. Book a pitch, mobile home or quirky holiday rental in one of our campsites and set off to explore Toulouse with its…

High-end camping holidays: discover the laid-back Toulouse lifestyle

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Pale pink, pinkish red, vivid orange etc. The bricks used to build many of the city centre buildings have a seemingly infinite palette of colours. Look upwards and roam the streets admiring the shimmering colours of the building façades before taking a break in front of the Capitole. Do you like architecture? Prepare to be amazed: the city of Toulouse has the largest number of carillon bells and Renaissance-style townhouses in France.

Camping holidays in Toulouse: treat yourself to some of Toulouse’s culinary specialities

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A holiday in Toulouse without tasting the region’s most celebrated dishes? Unthinkable! Toulouse’s finest restaurants await you, whether you’re travelling with your children or a group of friends. Kick off the celebrations with the delicately scented Noir de Bigorre ham, followed by a slice of goose foie gras or a plate of “cassoulet” (duck casserole). When it comes to desserts, the “Fenetra,” a candied lemon cake enjoyed by the Romans, will delight young and old taste buds alike.


From the Canal du Midi to Albi: suggestions for excursions in the Toulouse area

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There are lots of possible visits and excursions less than an hour’s drive from Toulouse. You can stop off at the lac de Saint-Ferréol, the reservoir that supplies water to the Canal du Midi. The site, nestled in the foothills of the Montagne Noire, is also home to a museum which retraces the history of this famous canal. You can also visit Moissac, famous for its Romanesque-style monuments or the Episcopal City of Albi, classified as a UNESCO world heritage site. Great discoveries in store!

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