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Camping in Finistère

A camping holiday in Finistère is a combination of fresh air, wonderful landscapes and the strong cultural identity of Brittany. Choose to stay on a Le French Time campsite in Finistère for a…

Camping in Finistère, right at the tip of Brittany

What place could be more beautiful that Finistère for a camping holiday in the countryside, that ensures relaxation and a complete change of scenery? At the “ends of the earth”, explore the welcoming towns and unique landscapes, at the seaside or inland at the heart of Finistère. You will be staying near historical and cultural towns like Brest, Quimper, Concarneau or Roscoff, on a campsite in the countryside. There’s a lot to discover in these historical seaside towns: harbours, lighthouses and museums.

A camping holiday in the great outdoors in Finistère

In Brittany, and particularly in Finistère, there are so many natural wonders to discover. Modern times have built towns and villages around these wonders, to preserve them as much as possible. Around the coastal estuaries and the Iroise region you will see a combination of rocks and sandy beaches, while Douarnenez Bay and the famous Pointe du Raz or Pointe de la Torche show the true strength of the elements, for a feeling of complete and utter freedom.
Come and explore the port in Brest, Quimper and the Riviera of Brittany for those who prefer the more lively atmosphere of the cities. Stop off at the beautiful Morlaix Bay to explore the famous Taureau Castle.

Get some exercise during your camping holiday in Finistère

To explore the wonders of Finistère straight from your campsite, choose to go on foot, by bicycle or even on a boat, the choice is yours. Crozon Peninsula and the surrounding islands are a real slice of paradise.
Choose to stay on a campsite near the seaside and walk along the beach every day at low tide, or try your hand at surfing when the tide comes back in.
Are you more interested in getting some fresh air, walking through the countryside? You will love exploring the unique landscapes of the Arée mountains, the Black Mountains or Nantes Canal in Brest.  

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