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Camping near Mont-Saint-Michel

Enjoy an unforgettable holiday on a luxury campsite near Mont-Saint-Michel. The sun, beach, sound of the waves and cries of the seagulls will ensure that your holiday is one that will put the spring…

A campsite near the Mont-Saint-Michel, a French treasure

The Mont-Saint-Michel is in Normandy, in a vast bay. It is an architectural wonder full of history and heritage, but it is also a very popular place for tourists in France, the ideal spot for a camping holiday. Choose to stay on a luxury campsite where you’ll feel like you’ve travelled to the ends of the earth, but you’ll be staying next to a globally renowned rocky island.
Mont-Saint-Michel and the bay are classified a worldwide heritage site by UNESCO, with an abbey built over 1,000 years ago by several generations of craftspeople with unique expertise.

Stay on a campsite near Mont-Saint-Michel, between the land and sea

Venture out of your luxury campsite for a day, or even just a few hours, and come and observe the biggest tides in Europe up from the walls of the Mont-Saint-Michel. The whole family will find this place fascinating, as it becomes an island again and cut off from the mainland when the tide comes in.
We can see the result of the sheer power of Mother Nature as we walk along the footpaths of Mont Saint-Michel, as well as on the beaches and the surrounding area of the monument: the unique ecosystem of the bay is also home to shifting sands. From a campsite in Normandy, you can also explore an unspoilt natural environment, in the French countryside, only a few kilometres away from the sea.

A family camping holiday near the Mont-Saint-Michel

Come and stay in a friendly and welcoming region, which is also shown in the attitude of the Le French Time campsite owners. In the surrounding area of the Mont-Saint-Michel, there’s so much to do for the whole family: head to the Channel Islands, walk along the Landing Beaches or explore the fortified ancient town centre of Caen.
On your campsite near the Mont-Saint-Michel, the whole family will enjoy the top-quality facilities: sports pitches, water park and restaurant.

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