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Campsite in the Ardèche Gorges

The Ardèche Gorges await you for an unforgettable camping holiday with Le French Time. Wonder at the natural environment of Ardèche and discover the endless possibilities there. The Ardèche Gorges are…

A luxury campsite in the Ardèche Gorges

The Ardèche Gorges are absolutely beautiful, which is why millions of French and foreign tourists go there every year. Choose a campsite along the Ardèche Gorges and offer the whole family a unique and invigorating holiday.
The limestone plateaus of Ardèche offer the ideal place for summer activities, such as caving, climbing and tours of ancient caves, over 40,000 years old. Journey back in time while exploring the cave paintings in Chauvet Cave and the twenty other nearby caves.

The real meaning of the great outdoors in the Ardèche Gorges

From a campsite in the Ardèche Gorges, you can reach the most beautiful areas of the region in just a few minutes. Admire the breath-taking views from the cliffs in Saint-Alban-Auriolles or at the foot of Saint-Marcel waterfalls.
There are two routes near the campsite, to venture down the Ardèche Gorges in a canoe or a rowing boat. From Pont du Tiourre, you will pass under the Pont d’Arc natural arch and sail on down to the Gournier Bivouac campground. Or for a unique adventure you could choose the lower section of the Ardèche Gorges, from Gournier, to Sauze beach in St Martin d’Ardèche.

Camping in the Ardèche Gorges, relaxation for everyone

On the Le French Time campsite in the countryside in the Ardèche Gorges you are guaranteed a holiday surrounded by nature, in Protected Natural Parks. Go for a dip in the crystal-clear waters of the canyon or unwind on the sandy beaches of the Ardèche, with the relaxing sound of the waves.
The campsite in the Ardèche Gorges is surrounded by a wild and unspoilt natural environment, the perfect setting for relaxing: swimming pool with slide, spa, restaurant and entertainment for the whole family.

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