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Puy du Fou Campsite

When you book a pitch or accommodation at a Puy du Fou campsite, you are on the doorstep to fully enjoy all the experiences and activities offered by the park. Your family camping holiday allows you…

Camping holidays in the Vendée: travel back in time at Puy du Fou

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Opened in 1989, the Puy du Fou is a theme park with a historical theme. On site, you can attend numerous shows retracing periods of French history. The Vendée War, the Hundred Years' War... the great conflicts and key moments of past centuries are staged during daytime or night-time performances. There is also entertainment and immersive experiences for children and adults.

Camping holidays at Puy du Fou: our ideas for outings

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Are you torn between the châteaux of the Loire Valley and the beaches of the Atlantic coast? Your family stay at Puy du Fou allows you to visit La Roche-sur-Yon, Les Sables-d'Olonne or La Rochelle. Between beaches and cultural visits, your schedule is quickly filled... You can also head for Saumur, Chinon and the banks of the Loire, for a trip along the water in the footsteps of the former kings of France. Do you prefer to experience your camping holiday in slow mode? In the immediate vicinity of the Puy du Fou, visit the Château de Tiffauges, the largest medieval fortress in the West, the Logis de la Chabotterie, an 18th century Vendée construction, or the Refuge de Grasla, a reconstruction of the life of the inhabitants of the Pays de Grasla in 1794, located in the heart of the Grasla forest.

Puy du Fou, a theme park in the heart of the Haut Bocage vendéen

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Do you know where the name Puy du Fou comes from? It is basically a locality, attached to the municipality of Les Épesses. When the park was founded on this site, the name stayed! Your camping holiday in the Vendée is the ideal opportunity to discover the natural and cultural heritage of the area. Let yourself be charmed by the Haut Bocage vendéen, the setting for the Puy du Fou park, and enjoy the comfort of your nature campsite in the Pays de la Loire.

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