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Campsite in the South-West of France

Come to the South-West of France for a camping holiday filled with sun and gourmet delights. The natural beauty of the Poitou-Charentes, Aquitaine and Midi-Pyrénées regions awaits you for a family…

From 18 Jun - 25 Jun
From 21 May - 28 May
From 21 May - 28 May
New Aquitaine | Le château-d'oléron

Le Fief Melin

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Why not take advantage of your next holiday to explore Oleron Island?


Relaxing in the South-West of France, what better a way to spend your camping holiday

To really understand the heart and soul of the South-West of France, you need to go to the local markets, near ancient monuments where time seems to stand still. Choose a camping holiday in the South-West of France to discover a new way of life, where time is merely a detail. Every Le French Time campsite is just a few minutes from the most beautiful villages in France. Come and discover the wonders of the history of the South-West of France during your camping holiday, explore the prehistoric ruins and historical coastal towns, the harbours of Bordeaux and La Rochelle.

Camping in the South-West of France is an introduction to new flavours. Welcome to the land of foie gras, truffles and porcini mushrooms. You’ll see the ducks and geese roaming around the farms, in a region with a booming market, where a lot of fruit is also produced.

Camping in the South-West of France, a land of sports and nature

From the Basque country all the way up to the estuary of the Loire, the Atlantic Coast is well-known as an ideal camping destination for family holidays. Are you more interested in the beaches, hiking through the forest of the Landes or bike rides? There is so much to do in the Pyrenees mountains which go from the Atlantic right down to the Mediterranean: thermal spas, skiing, hiking, water sports and much more.

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