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Les Castels: free booking fees for your summer holidays in a 4 and 5 star campsite

Last call for summer holidays, immediate departure! Don't delay; book your stay in one of our campsites now. Take in the sea air or enjoy the inland by a river or lake. We have selected our top destinations for your next holiday in outdoor accommodation at Les Castels!

It's time for swimming, exploring and idle relaxation... Reaching the four corners of France, Les Castels ensures only the best is ready waiting for you for a truly leisurely holiday! For more than 60 years, our 4 and 5 star campsites have been offering you space, quality, comfort and that extra touch that makes us stand out. On top of that : your booking fees are free!

From 27 Aug - 03 Sep
From 27 Aug - 03 Sep
Over 60 years of experience
4.4/5 customer satisfaction
100% secure payment
Free booking fees
Best price guaranteed