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Campsite in the North West of France

Why not explore the wonders of the North and West of France during your camping holiday this year? Our campsites in the countryside welcome you to Picardie, Normandy, Brittany, Pays de la Loire &…

From 27 Aug - 03 Sep
From 27 Aug - 03 Sep
From 27 Aug - 03 Sep

Welcome to our campsites in the North & West

Come and stay on a campsite in the North West of France with friends or family. Normandy and Picardie are only a few kilometres from Paris and are regions which combine the beauty of the seaside with the charms of the very green French countryside. From Mont Saint-Michel to the limestone coast of Pas de Calais, not-to-mention the rocky coves of Cotentin, beaches of Calvados, white cliffs of the Pays de Caux or the magnificent natural reserve of the Somme Estuary, there’s so much to see and do on a camping holiday in the North of France.

Camping in the North West, are you more tempted by Brittany or Pays de Loire?

The regions of Brittany and Pays de Loire have superb landscapes to explore. Come and learn about the legends, wonders of the Ocean and ancient traditions. Come and discover our luxurious campsites and campsites in the countryside, in regions full of history and culture. Explore the most well-known towns of the North West and you’ll be guaranteed a relaxing holiday and a complete change of scenery: Rennes, Nantes, Brest, Saint Malo or the villages of the Gulf of Gascogne.

Stay on a campsite in the North West

Camping in this beautiful part of France is also an opportunity to explore the nature and gastronomy of the Centre Val de Loire region. Choose to stay on a comfortable campsite, with or without a swimming pool.

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