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Campsite with music

Is camping all about music, festivities and entertainment for you? Are you a passionate musician or singer yourself or do you simply enjoy singing or playing an instrument? Come to a campsite centred around music for a relaxing holiday in a welcoming environment.

Music for everyone on a campsite

The owners of Le French Time campsites strive to offer a diverse choice of activities, workshops or entertainment so that there’s really something for everyone. The same applies for the type of music. Whether you are keen on classical music, jazz concerts, rock concerts or small bands playing French music, your campsite will make sure the musical entertainment on offer is of good quality.

The summer season is also festival season! From a campsite in Calvados you can enjoy the “Rêve en Rythme” festival, campers in Brittany will love the “Festival Interceltique de Lorient”, just ask for the programme of events!

Our campsites in France where music is omnipresent throughout your stay

Over 2,000 years ago, Greek philosopher Plato wrote that “Music gives a soul to the Universe and wings to the mind”. To make sure music is a part of every day of your camping holiday, choose to stay on a Le French Time campsite.

Your children could choose to go to a workshop in the morning to make their very own percussion instrument from a terracotta plant pot, while you enjoy aqua-aerobics to music in the campsite swimming pool.In the evenings, sing like nobody’s watching at a karaoke evening or dance the night away on the dancefloor of one of our nightclubs.


A campsite in the countryside for a musical holiday

A stay on Le French Time campsites can also be the push you needed to get into music yourself or to discover local traditional music.

Is the singing of the birds, the whooshing of the wind or sound of a rushing river the only music you want to hear on holiday? On our campsites, we take into account the wishes of all our guests. Choose a camping pitch on the water’s edge or in the heart of a pine forest to really be at one with nature.

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