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Travelling by van and motorhome: good reasons to stop at a campsite

When we talk about holidays in a camper van or motor home, we often imagine bivouacs in wilderness areas... However, stopping for a night or two at a campsite with your vehicle has many advantages. The proof is in this short guide to camping in a van or motorhome!

Campsites for vans and motorhomes: comfortable facilities

Most vans and campervans do not have a shower or a water heating system. The cold, rationed water can discourage even the most willing van-lifers from stopping at a Castels campsite. On site, they can take advantage of the facilities provided to wash their clothes, wash the dishes in hot water and take a good shower... An appreciable comfort, to be savoured before setting off on new adventures!


Family travel: child-friendly camp sites for vans

There's no doubt that little travellers love holidays in vans or motorhomes. The feeling of freedom that this type of recreational vehicle provides is enough to enthral any child. But the limited space, the sometimes long journeys and the lack of activities in some bivouac sites can sometimes make them weary. The solution? Stop off at a campsite with child-friendly facilities. Swimming pools, slides, sports equipment... and as a bonus, new friends!


Snacks, internet connection, good atmosphere... The little extras of a night's camping with your van

Depending on the campsite they choose to stop at, van-lifers can also benefit from services adapted to their needs: a WiFi network to check their emails and send a few photos to the family while being comfortably seated, a restaurant or snack bar for a meal different from those prepared in their vehicle... Some travellers also take advantage of the opportunity to meet new people. Others appreciate the idea of sleeping in a safe space. In conclusion? There are as many good reasons to stop at a campsite with your van or motorhome as there are road trip enthusiasts!



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