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Camping with access to the beach

Camping and beach are two words that come together quite naturally for camping enthusiasts. If for you, the beach is a key part of your camping holiday, then come and stay in a Le French Time…

A camping holiday near the beach

Le French Time has thought of all those who love to wake up in the morning and go for a swim in the Ocean, before even having breakfast! Whether you are staying in a tent or a fully-equipped rental on our campsites, you are never too far from the beach, the sand and the relaxing atmosphere you crave. Near a lake, the sea or the ocean, choose a campsite with direct access to the beach, or at most, 10 minutes’ walk away. Would you like a camping pitch with a view of the sea? All you have to do is ask us!

A beach campsite, for a special atmosphere

A luxury campsite or campsite in the countryside on the water’s edge is also about entertainment, concerts and sports activities centered around the beach: beach volleyball matches, dinner on the water’s edge, riding horseback at sunset, canoeing or stand-up paddle lessons, and much more. Another favourite leisure activity for campers is relaxing, and what better a place for that than a sandy beach?
While you are relaxing on the beach, the rest of your family or friends can enjoy the campsite facilities: swimming pool, restaurants, play areas and sports pitches.

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