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Campsite in the South-East of France

Just close your eyes, listen to the sound of the cicadas and lie back and relax on a campsite in the South-East of France! Breathe in the scent of the sun-kissed garrigue... Here you are, on the…

From 21 May - 28 May
Limoux | Arques


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How about a getaway between the sea and the mountains?

From 21 May - 28 May
From 21 May - 28 May
From 21 May - 28 May

Camping in the South-East of France, a holiday in the sun

As you follow Rhône Valley, the Drôme and Ardèche, you’ll come to the deep blue lavender fields, an indication that you’ve reached the Mediterranean! The singing cicadas will confirm that, and then you’ll catch a glimpse of the Mediterranean Sea or the hills of Provence. Those who come here for a holiday in the sun, won’t be disappointed. Laze by the swimming pool, drink a cocktail on the terrace, read a good book in the shade of the pine trees, try out some new water sports... A camping holiday in the South-East of France is not only about the heat and relaxing!

The wonders of the South-East on your doorstep

Come and discover a civilisation that’s still deeply rooted in Roman culture. Roussillon and Catalogne are examples of strong cultural autonomy. In Languedoc, the land and sea come together in the magnificent string of coastal lakes, whereas in Provence, the Alps are close enough to the coast to create superb headlands, bays and peninsulas. The coast here is beautiful but it’s also worth venturing inland, to explore a land which is more discreet and authentic.

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