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Campsite Fitness

A fitness campsite is waiting to welcome you, all over France. Those looking for sports activities, well-being or fitness, come to a fitness campsite for a revitalising and exhilarating holiday,…

A fitness campsite, for exercise and ultimate relaxation

Le French Time campsites offer fitness activities for all levels of ability. Those looking for stretching classes, cardio-training, zumba or weight-lifting, come and stay on a 3, 4 or 5-star campsite with fitness activities. Are you a beginner or just curious to know more: our instructors will show you all the equipment and how to use it. Come and learn how to work the different muscles in your body, while focussing on breathing and improving endurance. The more sporty among you can test out your skills on the top-of-the-range equipment and keep your fitness levels up. You can use the equipment alone or with a group, depending on what you’re looking for and your level of fitness. Combine cardio exercises and weight-lifting and impress your friends by winning the award of Miss or Mister Camping!

A fitness campsite to discover the pleasure of physical exercise

Our fitness campsites have fitness rooms and all the adapted equipment, as well as opportunities to exercise with the entertainment team or qualified instructors. There’s something planned every day for every level of ability, including lessons, movements, circuit training and challenges. Mr Motivator might not be there to get you moving, but you don’t need him to discover all the benefits of exercise. Some campsites have open-air fitness facilities, to exercise in the great outdoors, whilst enjoying the unique surroundings. The swimming pools on our campsites are also a perfect combination of sport and relaxation.

Exercise and comfort on a fitness campsite in France

Are you more interested in an early morning jog, weight-training before breakfast or fitness classes to dance music? Every Le French Time campsite will offer different possibilities for exercising during your holiday. Mountain sports, water sports, hiking or cycling, there is a wide range of sports activities on offer on and around each campsite. But don’t forget, after all that exercise you deserve a treat! Treat yourself to a gourmet dinner in our restaurants.

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