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Campsite in the North-East of France

Come and explore the North East of France from campsites in the middle of the countryside. A French proverb tells us that “to live happily, we have to hide away”, so why not test out the truth of this…

A campsite in the North East of France, peace-and-quiet, relaxation and well-being

Come to one of our campsites in North-Eastern France, for a camping holiday in the countryside. Explore the lush-green landscape, unspoilt land and unique heritage sites in every region. Wander across the beautiful hilly countryside from Lorraine to Dauphiné, just a stone’s throw from the cities of Reims, Nancy, Strasbourg and Dijon.

Camping in the countryside or on the shores of a lake in the North-East of France is a guarantee that you’ll be able to unwind on holiday, surrounded by the beautiful natural environment and your loved ones.

Venture across the mountains of North-Eastern France on a family camping holiday

Set off to explore the Vosges mountains and surrounding lakes and forests, with friends or family. Then head down to the Plain of Alsace and take the famous “wine route” which takes you through all the beautiful villages full of flowers. Every day, you can choose between relaxing on the campsite or venturing off to explore the region. The peaks and mountain passes of the Vosges will lead you from Lorraine to Alsace. Just a little further and you will be in Germany, Luxembourg or Switzerland. Between the hilly landscapes of the Jura and the gourmet delights of Burgundy, your holiday will be the perfect blend of relaxation and pleasure.

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