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Campsite with oenology

Take the time to discover the pleasures of oenology during your next camping holiday. Wine is a whole world of flavours, scents, colours and textures, a world which is just as mysterious as it is delicious. On Le French Time campsites, you can learn all about the art of oenology.

Le French Time gives their support to the vineyards of France.

We will take you on a voyage, while seated comfortably on your campsite. You'll be offered tasting sessions and beginner’s oenology sessions. Whether you’re a beginner or expert, adult, teenager or a child, everyone can play a part in describing the flavours, colours and scents of a wine, or learning more about the process of winemaking. At our restaurants, come and discover the wines and spirits that are made in the surrounding area of the campsite.

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It’s possible to be on a camping holiday and learn all about oenology at the same time!

Set off on the French wine routes while you’re staying on one of our campsites. Our oenology-themed camping holidays mean you can be sure to have a gourmet and at the same time relaxing holiday, learning all about a specific area of France. Learn from the passionate winegrowers and owners of the most prestigious wine estates in France.

Explore the renowned vineyards and wine estates, while enjoying the breath-taking landscapes all around them. Every region has its own methods of winemaking, grape varieties and great vintage wines. There are no geographical limits when combining oenology and a camping holiday: Aquitaine, Pays de la Loire or Languedoc-Roussillon, the different regions of France all have so many flavours to offer.


Oenotourism and camping, from a tent to a palace

While you’re staying on an authentic campsite, take the opportunity to discover oenology, from A to Z. There are plenty of walks and hiking trips available across charming trails which take you past wine estates and local wine cellars. Whether you decide to stop off at a château with a fascinating history, or at a smaller wine estate, make sure you make the most of your visit to meet the producers, discover their work and ask them lots of questions.

Whether you are coming as a couple, alone or with a group, with or without children, your camping holiday is the perfect excuse to explore the relaxing countryside, and stop off to taste all the local delights of the region. It’s always a good idea to stop by an impressive wine cellar, whatever your age.

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