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Périgord Campsites

Visit a campsite in the Périgord and find out why people in Nouvelle-Aquitaine love it so much. Each day has its own share of intrepid adventures or relaxation, from prehistory to the present day,…

Your holiday campsite in the Périgord

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Explore France in a new way at a Dordogne campsite with all the comforts of home. The Périgord is an ancient French county which, apart from a few natural boundaries, corresponds to the Dordogne department of today.

Do you enjoy simple and relaxing holidays, and exploring different French landscapes? Opt for a camping holiday with friends in one of the Le French Time establishments in the Périgord. You can relax or try new activities, either at the campsite or just a stone’s throw from your accommodation. Enjoy a real summer break – whether you’re on the terrace of your mobile home or climbing out of your tent, you’ll find peace and quiet. You can wake up every morning to magnificent scenery in the middle of lush and peaceful nature. After a hearty breakfast, you’ll be ready to start a new day, full of activities in the Périgord Noir, or perhaps just a bit lazing around.


Activities in the Périgord

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Do you want to have a relaxing and enjoyable holiday? Book your stay at a campsite in Nouvelle-Aquitaine. Explore the cultural, historical, and even archaeological heritage of the Périgord. A holiday at a riverside campsite is an ideal opportunity to try out or practise lots of different water sports. Take a canoe trip down the Dordogne Valley with the teens while the rest of the family waits for you on the beach at the nearest leisure centre. What do you fancy doing tomorrow? You can play golf, go to a water park, or visit a farm or Calviac zoo.

Your campsite is close to the famous Lascaux caves as well as the ornate caves of Sarlat and its troglodytic sites. At the Musée National de la Préhistoire, there’s no age limit for diving into history and understanding an era that fascinates young and old.

You can sample the best cheeses and foie gras in the region at the covered and night markets. Would you like to have lunch or dinner in a typical Dordogne village? Visit the medieval town of Castelnaud-la-Chapelle and the castle of Beynac-et-Cazenac. Make your way to the local vineyards to discover the richness and uniqueness of Périgord’s wine country.


Nature Parks in Périgord

The Périgord has dozens of different nature reserves, each with its own must-see sites. The Dordogne, Groléjac, the Liorac forest are just some of the places you can visit as you hike through the Périgord-Limousin Regional Park, discovering the rich flora and fauna between the hills and rivers. 

Nearly 200 million years ago, a meteorite measuring one and a half kilometres in diameter crashed near Rochechouart and Chassenon. Take a walk through the huge crater known as an ‘astroblème’ and find out how man has used the terrestrial rocks created by this extraordinary collision.

Each of our luxury campsites will let you explore the countryside by day and enjoy restful nights in comfortable lodgings.


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