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Dordogne Campsite

Can you smell the sweet smell of the undergrowth? With more than 40% of its area covered by woodland, the Dordogne is a favourite playground for forest walkers. You can in turn discover the natural…

Camping in the Dordogne: learn the art of holidaying

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The followers of the slow movement dreamed of it, Le French Time did it! Raising holidays to the level of art was a challenge we were eager to take up... Between slow tourism and the relaxed way of life in top-of-the-range campsites, we offer you timeless holidays, focusing on local visits, regional products and a natural pace of life. Would you like to try this lifestyle? Choose from our selection of campsites in the Dordogne and plan a unique holiday without further delay...

The Dordogne, between unspoilt nature and age-old monuments

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With more than 40% of its area covered by woods and forests, the Dordogne offers beautiful walks with your family or friends along wooded paths. The region is also famous for its caves and caverns. Some are real geological curiosities, while others contain prehistoric frescoes... To visit them, you can opt for a campsite near the Lascaux cave. Your camping holiday in Nouvelle-Aquitaine is also an opportunity to visit five of the most beautiful villages in France, close to Rocamadour.


Gastronomy in the Dordogne: a gourmet route to discover

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Why not take advantage of your camping holiday in the Dordogne to taste one of the region's most prized specialities? The truffle, nicknamed the black diamond, is a mushroom with very subtle aromas. You can also try a pan of porcini mushrooms, a slice of foie gras or a handful of Dordogne nuts. To accompany your gourmet meals, opt for a Bergerac wine, and finish on a sweet note with Nouvelle-Aquitaine strawberries. A delight! Are you staying at a campsite in Sarlat? Good choice! The town offers markets for local products and many restaurants and inns to enjoy them.

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