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Campsite near Chauvet Cave

Take the time experience your holidays differently on a Le French Time campsite just a few minutes from Chauvet Cave.  Plunge into an incredible underground world and discover how men and women lived…

A luxury campsite near Chauvet Cave

Come to a campsite near Chauvet Cave for an exciting holiday. Chauvet Cave was discovered in 1994 and is 25 metres underground, under the limestone plateau of Southern Ardèche. It is classified a Worldwide Heritage Site by UNESCO.
This cave from the stone age has made the town of Pont d’Arc famous today, along with the impressive natural arch over the river. However, it’s not the original Chauvet cave that you will visit, but an exact replica, the original one is closed to the public to ensure the cave paintings are preserved.

Visit Chauvet Cave directly from your campsite, a holiday in the countryside

Your campsite in the countryside near Chauvet Cave is surrounded by a bountiful and wild natural environment, all that makes the Ardèche so charming and inviting. Right there, where the natural environment seems to take control, with the cliffs, the hills and the running waters, there is also a wide range of thrilling activities such as canoeing, rafting or mountain biking.
In the surrounding area of the decorated Pont-d’Arc-Chauvet cave and your campsite, you can also try out caving or climbing, with professional guides who are passionate about sport and nature.

Explore Chauvet Cave and the Ardèche on a camping holiday

Staying in the Ardèche and on a campsite near Chauvet Cave means you can discover cultural treasures every day of your stay. Leave your daily routine way behind you and take a stroll through the streets of the medieval village of Lagorce, or on the mini golf course in Chastellas.
On the grounds of your luxury campsite, you’ll find a water park, a restaurant and daily entertainment, to relax and unwind as a family on this land which has been inhabited and cherished by men and women for centuries.

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