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Saône-et-Loire Campsite

Varied landscapes, cities with a rich heritage, gourmet culinary specialities... There is no doubt that the Saône-et-Loire has serious arguments to tempt you and make you want to book a pitch or…

The nature areas of the Saône-et-Loire on foot, by bike or by boat

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Have you fallen for a campsite in Burgundy-Franche-Comté?
Good choice!
All you have to do is choose your mode of transport to explore the Saône-et-Loire.
Will you be walking through the marshes of Montceaux-l'Etoile or along the banks of the Loire, or will you be riding a mountain bike from Cluny to Givry?
You can also take a horse for a unique horseback ride on the European Artagnan Route.
Or would you prefer a river cruise with your family?
You are spoilt for choice!

Heritage treasures of the Saône-et-Loire

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If you are a lover of Romanesque art, you are in for a treat... Saône-et-Loire is full of gems from this period of history.
In all, more than 200 Romanesque buildings lie in store along the heritage routes.
You can also take the châteaux route, to discover the 17 emblematic sites of Southern Burgundy, from the Château de Sully to the Château de Pierreclos.


Gourmet holidays: discover the culinary specialities of the Saône-et-Loire

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After spending your energy on walks and cultural visits in the Saône-et-Loire, nothing beats a bit of sweetness... Good news: the local products of the area are as tasty as they are comforting.
For the main course, Bresse poultry and Charolais meat take centre stage.
Take advantage of your holiday to try a slice of Charolais goat's cheese, and the famous Mâconnais, a cheese originally made to be eaten as a sandwich in the vineyards during the harvest season.

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