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Campsite Les Sables d'Olonne

Sables d’Olonne awaits you for a revitalising camping holiday, in a wild and unspoilt natural setting, which will give you an incredible feeling of total freedom. Come and discover the charm of this…

Camping in Sables d'Olonne, a top destination for families

Come to one of the most beautiful towns in Vendée for a welcoming and family-friendly camping holiday. The owners of our campsites have literally thought of everything so that the whole family will enjoy their holiday: organised activities, on-site play areas, sports pitches, swimming pool with slide, and much more.
You will be staying just a stone’s throw away from the top port for nautical events on the Atlantic Coast. The whole family will enjoy the events and boats moored at this home port for the iconic Vendée Globe race, as well as the Zoo des Sables animal reserve.


Camping in the countryside in Sables d'Olonne, a holiday in the great outdoors

Sables d'Olonne is the ideal destination for a camping holiday in the countryside: a huge forest, sandy beaches, salt marshes and to top it all off, the warm sun. Explore the unusual landscapes by following the footpaths or horse-riding trails across the region. Take a stroll around the marshes to learn about the secrets of salt and the expertise of the salt farmers.
The bicycle is the preferred mode of transport in Sables d’Olonne: bring yours along with you or ask at reception to hire one. For an unforgettable evening, take a picnic to the beach to watch the sunset.


Choose to stay on a luxury campsite in Sables d'Olonne

Your campsite in Sables d'Olonne will become the safe haven for your holiday, the place where the whole family meets up, for some quality time together. Discover the wonders of the region during the day, the beautiful Arundel tower, Saint-Jean d’Orbestier Abbey, the embankments, Barges Lighthouse and much more. And then when you feel like it, head back to your luxury campsite, to enjoy the spa or swimming pool.
Enjoy the on-site entertainment every day or treat yourself to a delicious gourmet meal at one of our resturants, with fresh fish on the menu every day, depending on the catch of the morning.


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