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Campsite Ruoms

Ruoms, nestled on the banks of the Ardèche, is the ideal holiday destination: it boasts a rich medieval heritage, lots of green sites where you can try different activities and one of the most…

Camping holidays in Ruoms: lots of nature excursions

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Have you settled into your high-end Le French Time campsite? If you enjoy cycling, this is the time to hop on your bike... Right next to Ruoms is the Via Ardèche greenway, a cycle path that stretches from Vogüé to Grospierres. You can also grab an oar and paddle down the Gorges de l’Ardèche in a canoe, setting off from the Pont d’Arc. Are you more in the mood for a spot of relaxation? Head to the pebbly beach in Ruoms where you can cool off in the Ardèche before treating yourself to a well-deserved siesta.


Visit to the historic centre of Ruoms

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The old village of Ruoms, hidden behind its solid ramparts, will soon cast its spell over you. Take a short stroll through its shady alleyways, gazing upwards to admire the medieval façades and flower-filled balconies, and feel the magic at work. Then head to the city’s main shopping street where you can soak up the laid-back Ruoms lifestyle: and if you’re crazy about ice-cream, why not indulge yourself while doing a spot of window shopping? Next head to the Défilés de Ruoms road, a road hewn out of rock in the 19th century, which offers an amazing view of the surrounding countryside.



A festival of flavours in Ruoms

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Yes, of course, the stars of Ardèche’s culinary scene are its chestnuts and Picodon cheese, but did you know that in the gourmet food world, the department is famous for its truffle harvests and farmed saffron, a subtly flavoured spice. Potato-based dishes, which are more rustic but very comforting, also feature heavily: “bombine”, a potato stew, and “toupi”, a type of potato gratin are two recipes that are easy to make during your camping holiday. For dessert, choose a “coupe de crème de marrons,” a cream chestnut sundae, or a handful of candied chestnuts.

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