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Campsite Rocamadour

A camping holiday in Rocamadour is guaranteed to be a unique one, with family or friends, surrounded by the most beautiful landscapes of France. Come and explore the lush-green landscapes, mountains…

Camping in Rocamadour, come and be amazed!

Rocamadour is the perfect place for a camping holiday, centred around relaxation, voyage and discovering what men are capable of doing when they decide to live in harmony with nature. Discover this unique famous medieval city built into the cliff face. Wonder at this outstanding place which is known as “the sacred city”, due to the overlapping houses and chapels.
On the Santiago de Compostela trail, up a few hundred steps, you will find the Saint-Sauveur Basilica and Saint-Amadour crypt, two constructions which are classified Worldwide Heritage Sites by UNESCO, as well as the “miraculous chapel” and the black virgin.

Rocamadour, camping in the Dordogne countryside

Come and unwind on a Le French Time campsite near Rocamadour and explore the superb Dordogne Valley. In the Causses du Quercy Regional Natural Park, you’ll find yourself somewhere between the sky and the land, with the causses, waterfalls, rivers, forests and oak trees, dolmens, ancient windmills and natural sources.
This natural setting is perfect for hiking and family walks, as well as being an ideal spot for outdoor sports: kayaking down the Dordogne, treetop climbing adventure courses or fly over Rocamadour in a hot-air balloon. Would you prefer to enjoy the peace-and-quiet of your luxury campsite? Laze by the swimming pool or try out the wide range of activities offered on-site.


A campsite in Rocamadour for a holiday in the Occitanie region

During your camping holiday in Rocamadour, you can enjoy the warm sun of the South of France, the superb landscapes, as well as the cultural and historical treasures. You will be staying near Lascaux Caves, Padirac Chasm and Sarlat Caves. The whole family will love Gramat animal park and Marais de Bonnefont Regional Natural Reserve.

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