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Campsite Royan

Do you fancy some fresh air? Make for Royan with its fine, sandy beaches, marina and irresistible charm! Check out our selection of high-end campsites in the Charente-Maritime and set off to explore…

Camping holidays in Royan: the Atlantic Ocean - your new playground.

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In Royan, you’re surrounded by the sea, much to the delight of little sproglets and parents. Once you’ve got your beach stuff ready, you’ve got a choice of five city beaches. Do you fancy taking a dip with family and friends? La Grande Conche beach is perfect for swimming. But its crowning glory are the pretty striped tents which make for wonderful holiday memories. If you prefer a challenge and fancy surfing the waves on the Atlantic coast, head to Pontaillac beach, a well known surf spot, or sign up for a sailing course at one of the local clubs.

Retracing Royan’s history

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After some serious relaxation and swimming, head to Royan city centre and wander round its streets. The city, which was largely rebuilt after the Second World War, has a distinctive, fifties-style charm. Visit the covered market, a strange building resembling a parachute, before heading to Notre-Dame church, which is a listed monument. Then head for the districts of Foncillon, Le Parc and Pontaillac, where you can admire the Belle Époque villas, that survived the bombings and the distinctly retro-style houses etc.


Treat yourself to some of the Charente-Maritime’s local specialities

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At lunch and dinner, enjoy a well-deserved treat, sampling some of the local specialities. Start off with seafood, all freshly and locally caught: Marennes Oléron oysters, an “éclade” mussel roast, Bouchot mussels, sturgeon and eel etc. Take the opportunity to taste some “chaudrée,” a traditional fish soup with added potatoes, white wine and crème fraîche, or a delicious plate of grilled sardines. Then finish in style with some delicious, melt-in-the-mouth, mini doughnuts. Enjoy your meal!

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