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Camping in Rodez

Welcome to Rodez! This city owes its reputation to its wealth of heritage as well as the surrounding, natural landscapes. You're sure to fall under its spell during your camping holidays in Aveyron.

Nature holidays in Aveyron: our ideas for excursions

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Fancy somewhere cool and fresh? Layoule, a lovely spot in Rodez, on the banks of the Aveyron, offers adults and children a wide range of possible activities. You can follow the footpath, picnic at one of the tables, and watch your children let off steam in the playground before setting off to explore the surrounding area. In Bozouls, you’ll discover a spectacular, one-hundred-metre deep canyon, that you can walk right through - a great opportunity to admire the local plants and flowers. Unless you prefer to head to the local equestrian centre for a horse-ride?

Rodez, a designated pays d'art et histoire (land of art and history)

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After you’ve enjoyed the fresh air, head towards the historic centre of Rodez, for a walk and journey through time. Get lost in the the paths and lanes of the Jardin Public before heading to the famous Notre-Dame cathedral, built in an attractive pink sandstone. Do you fancy a trip to the top of its clock tower? Stretch your legs along the esplanade des Rutènes or soak up the laid-back, local lifestyle in a café or restaurant, in one of many small squares dotted throughout this old city.


Treat yourself to some of Rodez’s culinary specialities

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Are you a fan of good food? A foodie at heart? Then you’re in the right place. Make the most of your camping holiday in the Aveyron to try some of the many local culinary specialities. Indulge in the incomparably creamy “aligot,” a purée made with Tomme de Laguiole cheese, or a Roquefort-based dish - the king of cheeses! If you like strong flavoured food, order some “tripous,” a dish comprising bits of veal or lamb. For pudding, tuck in to a couple of “échaudés,” delicious biscuits with a delicate aniseed flavour.

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