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Campsite Millau

Millau, located in the heart of the Grands Causses Regional Nature Park, is a small city which combines a rich heritage with a laid-back lifestyle. Check out our selection of high-end campsites in the…

Millau, the capital of outdoor sports

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Do you want to let off steam in the middle of the countryside? Well, then you’re in the right place! There are lots of ways to explore this remarkable natural playground: hiking with paths to suit all levels, trail running along woody trails, canoe or white water rafting down rivers, paragliding or hang-gliding etc. Every year, the town of Millau hosts the Natural Games, a world festival of outdoor games, where leading champions, participating in a range of categories, compete in a high-energy atmosphere. A unmissable event for all sports fans!

Heritage treasures of the Millau region

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Do you fancy taking a small journey through time. Start your visit with the caves, dolmens and menhirs, evidence of the region’s prehistoric past, before then visiting the archaeological site of Graufesenque, the Roman Empire’s most important pottery workshop during the 1st century. Then head off to the Belfry, the Tower of the Kings of Aragon or the remains of the Pont Vieux (old bridge), for a glimpse of Millau’s medieval past. Finally, make for the Millau viaduct, considered to be one of the 21st century’s leading works of art.


Gourmet date in Aveyron

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Millau’s regional cuisine is both delicious and elegant, and certainly merits a few gourmet outings during your camping holiday. Start the festivities with a generous portion of “Aligot,” a purée made with fresh Tomme de Laguiole cheese, served with a few “farçous,” chard fritters that are packed with flavour. Fish enthusiasts can indulge in a plate of “estofinado,” a dried salt cod dish. Finish in style with a slice of “gâteau à la broche” (pyramid cake) or “fouace” (orange flavoured cake).

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