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Camping in Grenoble

Welcome to the capital of the Alps! Explore the rich heritage of this city, nestled in the heart of Alps, during your camping holiday in Grenoble. With opportunities for cultural visits, trips to the…

A camping trip to the Isère: the Alps, the ultimate playground

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Vast mountain ranges and impressive streams, dense forests, lush green hills and valleys etc .It really is hard to find a better spot for outdoor activities during your camping holiday! Set off, either by bike or on foot, to explore the biodiversity of the Vercors Regional Nature Parks, the top of Chamrousse or the Chartreuse massif. Once kitted out, you can continue with a climbing session at one of the region’s many climbing sites or try “accrogrotte,” a thrilling activity which blends via ferrata and caving, in the Cuves de Sassenage cave.

Holidays in Grenoble: a rich programme of cultural excursions

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Did you know? The Grenoble region boasts no fewer than 34 museums. Which means there is something for all tastes: classical, modern and contemporary art, local historical artefacts, regional history etc. Once you have wandered around a few exhibitions, head towards la Bastille - a military fort that overlooks the town - and its cable car so you can admire the view of the surrounding area. Then make for place Victor Hugo, the epicentre of Grenoble life and the site of numerous festivities and events held throughout the year. Use this opportunity to visit Notre-Dame cathedral, the construction of which dates back more ten centuries. It deserves its own chapter in the city’s history!


Time to eat! During your holidays, treat yourself to some of Grenoble’s culinary specialities

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You’ll find it almost impossible to avoid the star of the Grenoble culinary scene during your camping holiday in the Isère...the Grenoble walnut. Although walnuts are harvested in Autumn they can be enjoyed throughout the year in salads, with bread, wine, cheese or even in pastries and other goodies. It’s also impossible to ignore the Bleu du Vercors Sassenage, a punchy, blue-veined cheese made in the Vercors Regional Nature Park. As a main course, opt for “ravioles de Royans,” delicious pasta stuffed with cheese or a few slices of “murçon,” a sausage from the La Matheysine region, flavoured with caraway seeds etc.

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