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Campsite Padirac

Of course Padirac is known for its famous chasm... But it offers much more besides! This charming, traditional Lot village also boasts a rich megalithic heritage, exceptional natural sites and…

A camping trip to Padirac: suggestions for outdoor excursions

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When camping in Padirac, your essential first stop must be Le Gouffre, a naturally occurring cavity which is more than 30 metres deep, beneath which flows an underground river. The site is open to the public in the summer so you can explore this geological curiosity with family and friends. Next, grab an oar and glide through the Dordogne Lotoise Valley in a canoe-kayak, or slip on your hiking shoes and set off to explore the trails in Les Causses du Quercy Regional Nature Park.

Cultural tour of Padirac

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Are you fascinated by small bugs? Are you staying in Padirac with your children and looking for something original to do? The village is home to Insectopia, an insect museum where you’ll have the chance to observe great specimens from all different angles and learn more about the habits and customs of our insect friends. Next, set off to explore Padirac’s numerous dolmens, its Romanesque chapel and castle. Unless you prefer to follow the Roman road and walk in the footsteps of your ancestors.


A gourmet holiday sampling the culinary specialities of the Lot

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Your taste buds will never recover! Your camping holiday in the Lot is also the perfect opportunity to taste lots of local products. Quercy’s tender, farm-reared lamb will delight both young and old foodies. The same goes for foie gras and the Quercy “pastis,” a rustic tart made with marinated apples. Fancy something fresh? Quercy melon is just the ticket. And if they're in season, you can also try some Périgord walnuts...

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