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Campsite Gien

Do you fancy combining cultural excursions, outdoor activities and local food tasting experiences during your next holiday? Check out our selection of high-end campsites in the Loiret and set out to…

Camping in Gien: get your fill of nature excursions!

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Once settled in your Loiret campsite you can set off to explore the natural areas around Gien. Start with the Loire, considered Europe’s last remaining “wild” river, which will quickly become your new holiday playground. Explore its banks, on mountain bike or on foot, taking breaks along the way to discover the wealth of wild flora and fauna. You can take a cruise along the river or go off exploring in a canoe-kayak. 

Exploring Gien’s heritage

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The name Gien is synonymous with earthenware! Since the 19th century, the town of Gien has been famous throughout France for its earthenware, delicately enamelled or glazed pottery. To find out how this part of the Loire Valley developed and became a centre of expertise, head to the Musée de la Faïencerie (pottery museum) and shop. Did you enjoy the visit?  Head for the castle that has stood proudly overlooking the Loire since the 15th century. The building is regarded as a gateway to the valley of the Kings!



Time to eat! Come and taste some of the specialities of the Loiret region...

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The decidedly generous Loiret cuisine will delight both young and old foodies alike during your camping holiday in Gien. For your main course, opt for “andouille de Jargeau”, a type of local tripe sausage, traditionally served with a lovely potato purée or fish that’s been freshly caught in the Loire. Compose a platter of local cheeses including cendré d’Olivet, similar to Camembert and Crottin de Chavignol, (unpasteurized goat’s cheese). If you're looking for something sweet, opt for some Cotignac, a thick quince jelly, made and eaten by local gourmets since the Middle Ages.

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