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Campsite Chalon-sur-Saône

Chalon-sur-Saône, in the heart of Burgundy, combines the charm of a designated “ville d’art et d’histoire,” (town of art and history) and the laid-back lifestyle of a city on the river. Book your…

A camping trip to Chalon-sur-Saône: suggestions for nature excursions

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Fancy heading off to greener pastures? The area surrounding Chalon-sur-Saône offers endless possibilities for family walks, sporting challenges to take on with family or friends, and nature activities to enjoy at your own pace. First stop, the banks of the Saône where you can practice canoe-kayaking or stand-up paddle. Perhaps you prefer to stay on dry land? If so, walk or cycle along the Coulée Verte (greenway) or head to Givry for a hike amongst the pine trees, vineyards and ruined religious sites that you’ll encounter along the way.

Chalon: the story of a river

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It won’t take you long to realize that the star of Chalon is the Saône! The river divides the city into two separate branches in the middle of which is the île Saint-Laurent. On the banks of the river is a marina and you can also stroll along the canal du Centre or the quai des Messageries. Chalon, with its vibrant river scene, is also a designated “ville d’art et d’histoire” (town of art and history). Chalon is reputed to be the birthplace of photography; after all, this is the town that produced Nicéphore Niépce, the engineer who invented the photographic process. A statue of him is erected in the town centre and there is also a museum where you can discover all the technical aspects of photography as well as work by contemporary artists.


Camping holidays in Chalon devoted to gastronomy

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Discovering a region also means a treat for the taste buds... And in this regard, Burgundy has much to offer! During your camping holiday in Chalon, you can also treat yourself to some Bourbonnais lamb and chicken or even the famous Burgundy snails. You should also try a plate of Burgundy hotpot or a Comte cheese fondue. And how about tasting some “brioche aux griaudes,” a brioche stuffed with small bits of diced, grilled pork? A real treat!

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