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Campsite Auxerre

Are you tempted by a holiday in Burgundy? Well then, choose a high-end campsite in Auxerre, the capital of Basse-Bourgogne, and set out to explore the region’s natural and cultural heritage treasures.…

Camping in Auxerre: lots of nature excursions on the agenda

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Would you like to enjoy a range of outdoor activities during your camping holiday in Burgundy? Slip on your hiking boots and head for the Yonne Valley. Here, you can explore the limestone rocks of Le Saussois and Mailly-le-Château. They are the fossil remains of an ancient coral reef. Impressive, isn’t it? Then head to the archaeological site of Escolives or the medieval villages of the Cure Valley. In the area around Auxerre, you can also hire a canoe-kayak for a trip down the River Yonne.

Our suggestions for cultural trips in Auxerre

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Auxerre, which stands on a hillside where vineyards once grew, boasts a very eventful past. You just need to look at the city’s skyline from the banks of the Yonne to see for yourself. The skyline is punctuated by a number of buildings: Saint-Étienne cathedral, Saint-Germain abbey and the Church of Saint-Pierre all thrust their steeples proudly upwards into the sky above the city. Stroll through the city’s medieval streets and raise your gaze to admire the half-timbered façades. Head to the Tour de l’Horloge (clock tower), near the town hall, a 15th century belfry, besides which once stood the house of Cadet Roussel, an 18th century bailiff who inspired the character in the famous song of the same name.


A gourmet break in Auxerre

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After so much activity, it’s time for comfort. And that’s all to the good as the Auxerre-Burgundy cuisine is generous and full of flavour. Start the fun with some cheese puffs or Burgundy snails, before tasting some Chablis-style ham. Or would you prefer a Chablis andouillette (tripe sausage)? For pudding, treat yourself to a handful of Marmotte cherries, some Duché biscuits, a slice of “flamusse aux pommes” (Burgundy apple flan) or some “raisiné bourguignon” (a dessert from grape juice).

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