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Camping in Blois

Welcome to the royal city of Blois! With opportunities to visit the city’s historic sites, a chance to taste local products and trips in the surrounding countryside, your camping holiday in…

A camping trip to Blois: nature at your fingertips

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Do you feel the need to escape to the countryside? Well that’s worked out well; the royal, ancient forest of Blois, mainly dominated by superb oaks, awaits you! It’s the ideal place to go hiking with friends and family. You can follow some of the marked trails, either on foot or mountain bike; they’re suitable for both younger hikers as well as cyclists with calves of steel. Then head to the Loire, for a lovely, rural stroll along the river banks, or a cycle ride. Fancy exploring the area from the water? Then climb on board a “fûtreau,” a traditional regional barge, and set off for a cruise down the Loire!

Holidays in Loir-et-Cher: Blois’ heritage treasures

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The Royal Château of Blois is a must-visit during your camping holiday in Loir-et-Cher; it’s a genuine architectural gem, spanning four distinct eras and incorporating four distinct styles. Blois by night - are you tempted? Son et lumière events are held at nightfall, throughout the summer, with images projected on to the building façades. Then head to the foot of the escalier Denis-Papin stairs, which are redecorated with a new design every year, before taking a stroll through the streets in the city’s historic centre.


Gourmet breaks in Blois

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Your holiday in Blois is also an ideal opportunity to taste some of the local culinary specialities. If you have a sweet tooth you can indulge in some “pavés de Blois,” chocolate praline and nougat-based confectionery, or delicious “rondiaux,” soft doughnuts generously sprinkled with sugar. In Spring, you’ll find succulent flavoured Sologne asparagus for sale on the city market stalls. Finally, as an after-dinner digestif, you can try some strawberry liqueur, made with extra-fine alcohol and fresh local fruit.

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