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Camping in Aubenas

The small town of Aubenas, perched on a rocky outcrop, combines a wonderfully laid-back lifestyle and cultural dynamism. Take advantage of your next holiday to go camping in the Aveyron and discover…

Camping in Aubenas: a strategic location for outdoor holidays.

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Aubenas, which stands at the foot of the Montagne Ardechoise plateau, overlooks the Ardèche valley. The city is ideally located, between the Massif central and Provence. All of which means you’ll get to enjoy a world-famous, natural playground during your holidays in the Auvergne! Take to the skies, with family or friends, in one of the region’s treetop adventure parks. You could also try canoe-kayaking through the Ardèche gorge, or a potholing expedition in one of the nearby caves.

Ailhon, Jauiac, Antraigues-sur-Volane… A tour of some of the most charming villages in the Aubenas region.

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After you’ve explored Aubenas’ historic heritage, with its castle, city walls and chapels, set off to visit some of the officially designated “Village de caractères,” in the surrounding area. In Vogüé, which is also classified as one of the “plus beaux villages de France ” (one of France’s most beautiful villages), you can stroll through the lanes, admiring the southern architecture of the buildings’ façades. In Antraigues-sur-Volane, you can follow in the footsteps of Jean Ferrat: the artist who fell for the village’s unique charm...It won’t take you long to understand why! Then head to Ailhon, with its lovely sandstone houses, before moving on to Jauiac, a gem of a village nestled in impressive natural scenery, and Thueyts with its “Pont du Diable” (Devil’s Bridge) and famous waterfall etc.


Gourmet stopover in Aubenas

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In the Ardèche, the real star of the show is the chestnut! And there’s no need to wait until the autumn to taste it...You’ll find it throughout the year in a multitude of culinary specialities: in creamy velouté soups, as an accompaniment to meat, in the form of ice-cream, foam or purée...A delicacy to enjoy without moderation. In the markets, hunt down some Picodon, a delicious goat’s cheese with AOP status. Finally, you can start learning about Ardèche cuisine at the campsite, by making your own “criques,” delicious flat patties made from grated potato. Yum! 

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