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Half-board campsite

Choose to stay on a campsite with half-board options, to really get the most out of your holiday by alternating between light snacks, homemade meals and buffets with local specialities on Le French…

Half-board camping, to get more out of your freedom

Some holidaymakers may think a camping holiday isn’t for them, especially those who enjoy eating out or a hearty breakfast. So how about choosing a half-board camping holiday?

Start your day with some warm, fresh bread, butter, pastries and drinks, without having to go anywhere or think about shopping the day before. With the half-board option, the first meal of the day, which as it happens, is the most important, can even be delivered to your rental or camping pitch.

Let us take care of you with the half-board option on a campsite

Our half-board campsites give you the possibility to enjoy lunch as a family, without the task of cooking. Come and taste some homemade French cuisine in a restaurant or beautifully-decorated cafeteria. Would you prefer to sample fresh produce but with more intimacy? We can deliver your meals directly to your rental or pitch. Are you planning a day trip, hiking expedition or just exploring the surrounding area? You can switch your lunch for a dinner on our flexible half-board campsites. Consult the menu in advance and reserve your meals, depending on what you’ve planned to do during the week.

A half-board camping holiday, top-quality guaranteed

If you choose the half-board option for your camping holiday, you’ll be able to taste fresh, local and top-quality products on our luxurious campsites, just as you would on a traditional camping holiday. These products are freshly prepared especially for you every day. Every day, you can choose between local specialities, international cuisine or delicious, summer dishes to share: goat’s cheese salad, delicious pizzas or fresh local fish. The real taste of your holiday is also about what you have on your plate on a half-board campsite.

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