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Sites et Paysages: campsites that are naturally committed and eco-friendly!

Eco-tourism and sustainable tourism: our philosophy and part of our DNA

During the 1980s, a small group of campsite owners, guided by their convictions, decided to set up the first network of nature-centric campsites in France. 40 years later, Sites et Paysages has become a big name and driving force in the world of eco-friendly, nature-centric campsites. Below you can find out more about our actions, commitments and what sets us apart.

Origine, Vert Demain” (A green future from the beginning)

Eco-tourism and sustainable development are an integral part of our DNA. We offer a new, unique, immersive and authentic tourist experience based on connecting with a place, its owner and the local population - a world away from conventional, commercial tourism.

We wanted to share and build on this idea of slow tourism by setting up the”Origine, Vert Demain” (A green future from the beginning) programme - an acknowledgement of our roots and what has driven us from the outset! Through this programme, we want to promote a more responsible, supportive ethical stance, and “Green attitude,” inspiring all our teams, including campsite owners, partners, suppliers and holiday makers. In doing so, we hope to strengthen our core values and establish a framework for our future actions - something that is meaningful for us, for you and for future generations, today but most importantly in the future!

An environmentally committed network

To create the best holidays for you and the planet, we have united our teams of campsite owners and strong, enthusiastic professionals around a joint action plan. The aim: to create a network that is even more committed! Each campsite owner is committed to creating a site that reflects his personality and passions, incorporating environmentally friendly practices that demonstrate respect for his land and fellow men.


The “ORIGINE” programme, has three main pillars:

1. ENVIRONMENT: to enhance and preserve our sites’ natural resources

  • By reducing our environmental footprint: sorting, collecting and recycling waste, using renewable energy or recycled or recyclable materials, digitalizing documents (welcome pack, satisfaction survey etc.)
  • By buying responsibly: using eco-certified, environmentally friendly products, choosing large sizes rather than small, individual packets etc.
  • By promoting the region’s natural heritage: integration of architecture and landscape, raising awareness of staff and holiday makers, creating arboretums so everyone can enjoy the diversity of the local flora and fauna.

2. SOCIAL: committing to an environmentally responsible employer and visitor policy:

  • By promoting equality and diversity in recruitment: gender equality, age equality and ethnic, social and cultural diversity.
  • By making camping holidays accessible to everyone: disabled, low-income families etc.

3. ECONOMIC: increasing value added in our region:

  • By prioritizing short circuits: choosing local, regional and French products etc.
  • By promoting the region: events and activities showcasing the region’s natural and cultural diversity, and the expertise of the men and women who live there.
  • By choosing partners or suppliers for their ethical commitment: good sustainable development practices and French, eco-certified products etc.

Eco-friendly accommodation

Do you want to help preserve our lovely countryside, surroundings and our beautiful planet? With its selection of eco-friendly accommodation, Sites et Paysages makes it easy to access more authentic, sustainable and responsible holidays where you’re always 100% connected to nature.

All available accommodation must meet a specific set of requirements:

  • Preference for natural, organic or recycled materials and products
  • “Cladding” - wood “exterior” or canvas
  • Eco-action reminders and displays
  • Ban on disposable plates and utensils
  • Use of low-energy light bulbs
  • Waste sorting and recycling systems
  • Using water-saving taps.
  • WC with water-saving flush system

Our eco-friendly logo guarantees a hassle-free camping holiday in accommodation that respects both people and the environment, without sacrificing comfort!

Eco-friendly, nature-centric accommodation

Everyday eco-friendly actions that make a difference!

Our owners are all endlessly inventive and full of ideas... Here are a few that we're delighted to share with you:

  • solar or photovoltaic panels, wind energy,
  • shared organic vegetable garden, permaculture,
  • fruit and vegetables grown on site used in restaurant,
  • mini-farm, food waste used for hens,
  • land'Art,
  • beehives to encourage natural pollination,
  • eco-grazing,
  • visitors provided with compost bucket and recycling bag,
  • use of non-motorized transport within the campsite,
  • solar-powered marker lights and motion detection lights within campsite,
  • recycling areas for object collection and reuse,
  • mulching for flowerbeds,
  • ban on single-use bags in supermarket, bulk buying facility,
  • sale of local and craft products, local farmers’ mini-market,
  • visits from local producers and craftspeople etc.

Become a responsible camper: a planet-saving superhero!

And what about you? Do you want a holiday where you can enjoy quality time and feel connected with others and your natural surroundings? A seasoned camper is a responsible camper so check out of our code of conduct and commit to working with us to make a positive impact on the 3 major aspects of sustainable development.

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