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Campsite near Padirac Chasm

A camping holiday near Padirac Chasm provides something for the whole family: the lush-green and wild Dordogne Valley, the warm climate of the South-West of France and the endless cultural and sports…

A campsite near Padirac Chasm, the sheer power of Mother Nature

By choosing to stay on a campsite between Quercy and Périgord, just a few minutes away from Padirac Chasm, you are choosing a relaxing break at the heart of a fabulous natural environment. Padirac Chasm is considered as being one of the greatest geological curiosities in France. It is a natural cavity 100 metres underground, with 40km of underground galleries.
Explore the wonders of nature and see how water has shaped the rock over millions of years, on a rowing boat with a boat master guide.

A campsite near Padirac Chasm and Rocamadour

While staying on this Le French Time campsite, you can easily visit Padirac Chasm and the other natural or historical treasures of the region. You will feel so small and insignificant in front of the magnificent Grande Pendeloque stalactite, at Pluie Lake or in the Grand Dôme Chamber, or at the foot of the steps to the religious city of Rocamadour.
You will experience a complete change of scenery on a camping holiday in the Lot, while visiting one of the many medieval villages. Admire the breath-taking view from Merles Tower in Saint-Grenier, or explore the sweet scents and colours of Sothys gardens in Auriac.


Your family holiday in the surrounding area of Padirac Chasm

In the Dordogne Valley, you are guaranteed a relaxing, exciting or fun holiday, whatever your age. Come and relax in the water park on the campsite before going for a picnic at the foot of the cliffs in the Causses de Quercy Natural Park. Spend an afternoon at the Castelnau-Bretenous Castle, built around a thousand years ago, and then go head-to-head with loved ones at the Cougnaguet climbing spot. Let the holidays begin!


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