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Campsite Lower-Normandy

Discover our campsites in Lower Normandy This region is brimming with magnificent landscapes. They are in fact treated as true heritage sites. The yellow plains, forests full of beech and oak trees,…

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The perfect time of year to come to this magnificent region is the spring. This is the season to come and admire the superb flowers blooming on the apple and pear trees. The coastline also has its fair share of wonders including the remains of the landing, the cliffs and long sandy beaches. The local specialities are also a great reason to come to Lower Normandy, a region brimming with high-quality produce. (apples and cheese) But the main reason to come here is to see with your own eyes the unlikely but magnificent combination of the Normandy countryside and the diverse and varied coastal landscapes. From the forest to the marshland, not-to-mention the bocage, nature lovers and those looking for a certain tranquillity will love Lower Normandy. It is also an opportunity to come and admire the famous Normandy cows. The nature of Normandy can be compared to an ocean of greenery and is the perfect place for walks. It is also the ideal opportunity to test out your photography skills in this breath-taking natural beauty. Camping in Lower Normandy is therefore the perfect solution, to be able to enjoy this magnificent region with its superb landscapes, gastronomy and history.

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