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Campsite Limousin

Browse our camping holidays in Limousin, for a revitalising and enjoyable holiday. Enjoy the popular points of interest as well as the French countryside, from a campsite in Limousin.

From 11 Jun - 18 Jun
From 16 Apr - 23 Apr

Votre camping Le French Time Limousin

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Staying in this region is the perfect opportunity to explore historical and picturesque places. History lovers will enjoy visiting the Gallo-Roman ruins of Cars. You will be interested to explore other monuments and buildings such as the churches of the Middle Ages. But the thing that surprises most tourists passing through this region is the sheer diversity of landscapes here. Limousin is a region with steep and rugged landscapes. You are likely to come across valleys hidden between plateaus and wooded hillsides. This gives Limousin a certain wild feel to it. Those who love walking will find plenty of footpaths winding through the woods, and a number of lakes where the atmosphere is romantic and poetic. The more sporty among you will enjoy the water sports available. Finally, in Limousin there is a variety of animal and plant species. The three natural parks here strive to protect these animal and plant species. Tourists who choose to stay on a campsite in Limousin can enjoy a region where the natural environment is protected and admire the wild coastline.


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