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Vosges Campsite

Beautiful landscapes, towns with a unique character and a warm atmosphere. Yes, there is no doubt, whether staying in a bungalow, tent or caravan, your holiday in the heart of the Vosges looks most…

Unusual holidays in the Vosges: nature excursions for everyone

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Once you have settled into your campsite in the Grand-Est, you can finally set off to discover the treasures of the Vosges' natural heritage. Start with Lake Gérardmer, the largest lake in the department, right next to your campsite in Corcieux. Here you can hike, swim or take part in one of the many water sports on offer. Then get some height at the Ballon des Vosges, before climbing to the Plateau des mille étangs. A feast for the eyes and a breath of fresh air for your whole family!

Camping holidays in the Vosges: discover Épinal, Vittel and Neufchâteau

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Your stay in the Grand-Est continues in the towns of the Vosges. After a stop in Épinal to admire the remains of the château and discover the impressive picture collection of the Musée de l'Image, head for Vittel, famous for centuries for its mineral water. Why not take the opportunity to visit Neufchâteau, in the heart of the Meuse Valley, or Saint-Dié-des-Vosges? The heritage of these towns is well worth a visit...


The culinary specialities of the Vosges, for foodies young and old

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The iconic preparations of the Vosges are eaten in winter, as comfort from the cold temperatures, and in summer, as a reward after beautiful walks. Yes, you guessed it, there is always a good reason to enjoy the Vosges! It remains to be seen which speciality you will fall for most: Munster cheese, Vosges charcuterie, local honey, regional jams or even Vosges tome cheese? It's up to your taste buds to decide the winner!

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