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Morbihan Campsite

Can you smell the fresh sea air?
It's normal, you are approaching the Gulf of Morbihan, the Quiberon and Rhuys peninsulas and the port of Lorient... Choose from our selection of top-of-the-range Le…

Le Morbihan by the sea, to explore during your camping holiday in Brittany

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The Gulf of Morbihan is regularly ranked as one of the most beautiful bays in the world, and is the ideal destination if you want to enjoy amazing views!
The programme includes a host of islands, 20 of which are inhabited all year round, scattered like a handful of confetti over the 11,500 hectares of sea water... Coastal paths allow you to explore the jagged coastline of the Gulf of Morbihan on foot, and speedboats or old sailing boats offer the chance to go between the islands or explore the surrounding area.
And to take advantage of all this, all you have to do is choose from our selection of campsites in Brittany...
Or, for a front row seat, among our campsites near the Gulf of Morbihan!

Brocéliande forest, menhirs (standing stones) of Carnac and walks in Vannes...

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Yes, of course, in Morbihan, there is the gulf which is so beautiful and attractive. But this is no reason to forget the other charming attractions of this Breton department!
Starting with the Paimpont State forest, which extends into the Morbihan, and which many people call Brocéliande Forest.
Something to make your children's eyes sparkle with the legend of King Arthur.
You can also add to your to-do list the megaliths of Carnac, an exceptional Neolithic site composed of dolmens and menhirs.
Then take a step back in time by booking a pitch at a campsite in Rochefort-en-Terre, and get lost in the pretty cobbled streets of the little town...


The specialities of Morbihan, real culinary treasures to try with family or friends

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A camping holiday in the Morbihan without good food and specialities?
As an aperitif, slices of Guémené 'andouille' will delight the most discriminating palates.
As far as seafood is concerned, you will quickly realise that the Belle-Iloise preserved fish are a real institution in Brittany.
Sardines, mackerel and tuna are cooked fresh and canned in the family business in Quiberon.
This town is also home to 'niniches', charming lollipops voted the best sweet in France.
And if you are still a little peckish, don't hesitate to try the Tome de Rhuys cheese or a piece of Breton cake.

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