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Drôme Campsite

Are you looking for a holiday that combines outdoor activities, discovery of cultural heritage and tasting of nice local products?
Look no further and discover our selection of top quality campsites…

Camping holidays in the Drôme: discovering nature areas

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With its generous natural heritage, the Drôme is a superb playground for your camping holiday in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes.
Put on your best hiking boots and set off to discover the Ambel plateau, the Omblèze gorges, the Trente Pas gorge or the Trois becs.
Feel like taking a dip?
Go to one of the water sports bases, a lake or a waterfall...

Heritage route in the towns of the Drôme

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After a nice hike on the hilly paths of the Drôme, make a stop in the surrounding towns and villages.
The department has five villages ranked among the most beautiful in France:
Grignan, La Garde-Adhémar, Mirmande, Montbrun-les-Bains and Le Poët-Laval invite a walk in a dream setting.
Would you like to continue your visit?
Choose a campsite near Montélimar or Buis-les-Baronnies, and enjoy hours of sight-seeing in the heart of these two beautiful cities.


The culinary specialities of the Drôme

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The Drôme is also home to a wide range of local products prized by foodies.
Make the most of your stay at a campsite in the Alps to discover and enjoy them: garlic from the Drôme, apricots from the Rhône valley and black olives from Nyons are the stars of the market stalls in the area.
Don't hesitate to try a good Provençal stew, sausages with herbs or a 'gratin dauphinois'.
Any room left?
The 'fougasse' or 'bugne' are yours to try...

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