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Creuse Campsite

Need some fresh air? Browse through our selection of top campsites in the Creuse and discover without further ado the Millevaches plateau, Lake Vassivière or the Monts de Guéret...

Camping in Creuse: nature holidays on the agenda

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Are you itching to get out and about in the Creuse? Good timing: the department has many trails to follow with your family or friends. The Chabrières forest, nestled between the Gartempe and Creuse valleys, consists of a chain of hills known as the Monts de la Marche. If you have chosen a campsite near Montluçon, you can plan a visit to the Plateau de Gentioux or Millevaches.

Guéret, Dun-le-Palestel, Boussac... cultural tour in the towns of the Creuse

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Once you've had your fill of nature and recharged your batteries at your campsite in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, it's time to discover the towns and villages of the Creuse. Starting with the homes of the writer Marcel Jouhandeau and the painter Fernand Maillaud, two artists who took up residence in Guéret. Continue to Dun-le-Palestel, on the route to Santiago de Compostela, and to Boussac, where an impressive château awaits, where George Sand stayed on several occasions.


Feeling peckish? Discover the culinary specialities of Creuse!

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Resolutely rustic and comforting, the emblematic dishes of the Creuse can be enjoyed with family or friends during a convivial meal. Start the festivities with a potato pâté, followed by a 'fondu creusois', which is nothing short of the traditional mountain fondues. To finish your meal on a sweet note, opt for a slice of 'creusois', a delicious hazelnut cake. Legend has it that monks from the Creuse discovered the recipe for this cake on a parchment in the Middle Ages...

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